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Leading the World in Graywater Irrigation 

Irrespective of whether climate change is taking place or not, the simple fact is that countries such as America and Australia do not have enough drinking water to supply substiantial growth.

Short droughts now have far greater impact than an equivalent dry spell years ago.

We must learn to use water more wisely. Save our potable water for essential needs (drinking and hygiene) and re-use our water (graywater and rainwater) where potable water is not required.

Just Water Savers USA Inc designs and manufactures water re-use products, especially for garden irrigation, where over 60% of potable water is used in the average US home.


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Upcoming Product Releases

Just Water Savers USA Inc is proud to announce the formation of a new products company, Morrow Water Savers LLC, based in West Texas USA.

The aim of this company, founded by Paul James (founder of Just Water Savers USA Inc) and Paul Morrow (Investor in Morrow Water Savers LLC, and long term customer of Just Water Savers USA Inc) is to create products enabling fully automated water re-use systems that cost the same or less than existing potable water management systems.

Spring 2013 (early to mid May 2013):

IrriGRAYTM self cleaning filter. An automated screen mesh filter that self cleans!

IrriGRAYTM filter and irrigation management controller. An integrated controller, managing the entire water re-use process; from determining when the filter needs to self clean (and running the cleaning process), to managing various water sources (graywater rainwater and potable water etc) so that minimal potable water is used for landscape requirements.

Pressure Monitor. A self contained, battery powered, sensor and alarm that alerts if an inline filter requires cleaning soon. Applications include: Potable water irrigation systems, graywater irrigation systems, household water supply filters, rainwater harvesting filters, pool filters etc. Battery life, using 3 x C size alkaline batteries is over 5 years, and up to 10 years in many cases.

Pressure Monitor and Controller. Using the same proprietary technology as the Pressure Monitor, this product is mains powered, and controls up to 4 powered elements e.g. Pump, filter/s, valves, alarms etc.
Automated filter monitoring and cleaning examples include: Graywater irrigation systems, Agricultural filtration automation, pool backwash automation (sand filters with pump and multi port valve control), Low cost industrial filtration management, Dual filter management (e.g. parallel filters cleaning each other with outflow clean water, enabling continuous dirty water flow.

Additional products and variations) will be released later in 2013.

IrriGRAY graywater irrigation system
Imagine a drip irrigation system designed specifically for graywater.

It is economical, yet performs flawlessly.

IrriGRAYTM  dripperline is a revolutionary product, proven in Australia for over10 years,  manufactured here in the USA for the last 4 years. Note USA IrriGRAY dripperline is black, not purple as shown in the picture. 

IrriGRAY graywater pumping systems

Our pumping systems are simple to use, great value, and highly flexible, suitable for almost every situation.

Unique in the market, our designs use filtration after the pump, resulting in easier maintence (self cleaning pumping basins) and lower installation costs.

Paul Morrow, our partner / investor in Morrow Water Savers LLC liked our pumping, filtration and irrigation systems so much he invested in our new products company.

In his words: "It is very rare to find the best product available is also the least expensive. I have bought 5 systems in the past for various locations and they perform simply and effortlessly.

Irrigation Barrel pump and hose kit

water barrel pump pressueBarrels are great for storing water, but how do you get the water to where you really need it?

Easy to install, even easier to use - and inexpensive!

Our unique (patent pending) internal pump and plumbing outlet assembly gives you the power to get water where you want it.

Graywater Gardening

Want to find out more about graywater and gardening?

Learn from the experts. Technology has evolved enormously over the last 10 years, and we have produced a free, detailed guide on different methods of re-using graywater in the garden.

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Graywater gardening: from buckets to irrigation systems